Career in Synergie

We are still looking for new talents to join our team. We don´t really need too many years of experience; mostly, we are looking for enthusiastic and committed people. Also, candidates have to have a desire to work with other people. After all, what else is the top HR about? We are a team, a group of nice people who love their work and appreciate each other. We will be happy to teach you everything you need, and welcome you among us with opened arms.

Wondering who you would work with in Synergie? Look who’s working for us.


Recruitment Consultant - Finance and Banking

Are you passionate about recruitment? Do you dream of becoming a part of environment where you would find fun, team spirit, room for new ideas and a good ground to achieve success? Read more:

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Room for creativity and innovation

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    Synergy gives me a space to realize myself. Another great benefit is the people. Friends, colleagues, with whom you can be sure that they go along with you and never against you.

    Lenka NejedláMarketing Specialist
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    I appreciate the space to implement my ideas. At the current position, I can connect experience with recruitment and marketing thinking, and thus move the team forward.

    Barbara Ostrochovská
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    Working in Synergie gives me a lot. I am constantly moving forward, humanely and professionally.

    Michaela HalandováFinancial Specialist
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    I love those challenges, where I can make use of my creativity. Nothing is impossible!!! My motto that I follow and which the life itself, especially the one in the Synergie, had taught me.

    Kateřina Kratochvíle

Inspiring environment

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    Every day, I communicate with a lot of interesting people who really inspire me.

    Klára HnátováResearch Consultant
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    I enjoy filling positions in marketing and business. I like proactivity, diversity, and dynamism of the recruitment.

    Lenka SrchováHR Consultant
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    It will sound like a cliche, but working with people is really what I want to do, and what internally forces me to work in HR. It's an inspiring area, especially when I can be close to candidates at their next life journey.


    Veronika PušováRecruitment Assistant
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    I enjoy moving people forward in their careers. As a researcher consultant for IT / Engineering, I constantly meet new technologies, and I enjoy that.

    Veronika ParákováResearch Consultant