S&you launch events in the Czech and Slovak Republic

BLACK TEXT: for Usarat

GREEN TEXT: pro Zuzku


We presented S&you on 4 the important events. 


24/10 2019 SLOVAKIA: Bratislava

  • Event for the clients and stakeholders in the center of Bratislava, capital of Slovakia.
  • clients from Slovak and interantional (CZ+SK) companies as well
  • Martina Bourloton, Lenka Srchova, Martin Huba had a launch speech

PICTURES: https://teams.microsoft.com/_#/files/PHOTO%20gallery?threadId=19%3Ae2a76ff823ee4333b0354adb4be595e7%40thread.skype&ctx=channel&context=Fotky%2520z%2520Eventu%2520Sandyou%2520Bratislava%252024.9.2019

26/10 PRESENTATION & PARTICIPATION at the Annual gala event of the Association of chemical industry in Czech Republic


  • SYNERGIE is a unique HR partner of Association from the September 2019; one of the strongest industrial Association in CZ https://www.schp.cz/
  • on the afternoon Romana Granatova and Lenka Srchova held the presentation of „Young generation in a Czech Chemistry“ for a HR comittee (HR managers from leading Czech chemical companies)
  • on the event Martin Huba, Jakub Sedlacek, Romana a Lenka participated like on an annual event





  • we met Dr. Ivan Souček, General manager of Association (Lenka Srchova is blonde lady, I am in a red dress)
  • with Mr. Jiri Drahos, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ji%C5%99%C3%AD_Draho%C5%A1 , very humble person in the Czech rep., former longterm President of the Czech Academy of Sciences from 2009 to 2017, and was a candidate for the President of the Czech Republic

PICTURES: https://teams.microsoft.com/_#/files/PHOTO%20gallery?threadId=19%3Ae2a76ff823ee4333b0354adb4be595e7%40thread.skype&ctx=channel&context=Fotky%2520z%2520eventu%2520Ve%25C4%258Der%2520s%2520%25C4%258Ceskou%2520chemi%25C3%25AD%252026.9.%25202019

3/10 Launch party in Prague

Ms. Radmila Kleslova, famous Czech politian, lobbyist and lawyer


7-11/10 2019 BRNO: MSV – Mezinárodní strojírenský veleth (Salon international industriel) https://www.bvv.cz/fr/msv/

  • we participated lika an exhibitor, a member of FRANCE PAVILION, organizes by Chambre de commerce Franco-Tchéque https://www.pavillon-france.eu/ ; we were the unique and the first exhibitofrom the recruitment/HR business
  • On the second day we are participated like a partner of cocktail of France+Italian Chambres and Arnaud launched S&you

Arnaud BURNEL, Synergie, area manager
, předseda Francouzsko-české obchodní komory

Roland GALHARAGUE, velvyslanec Francie v České republice

Lukasz SEMENIUK, Total, generální ředitel
Karel HAVLÍČEK, ministr průmyslu a obchodu ČR
Pavel ZEZULA, honorární konzul Itálie v Brně

Alessandro PASQUALE, viceprezident Italské obchodní a průmyslové komory v ČR

Fabio GIACOBBI, Camozzi, general manager



Who are visited us:

Mr. MARTIN MACOUREK, the Director UK/Ireland operations at CzechTrade United Kingdom

discussed with us about GSC possibilities of SYNERGIE in EU



Mr. Roland GALHARAGUE, Ambassador of Francie in the Czech Republic

Mr. Karel Havlíček, Czech Minister of Industry and Trade

Ms. Iva Hovadová, vicepresident of CAIM – Czech Association of Interim Management

Discuss reality and possibilities of interim management in the Czech and slovak republic and Europe


Mr. Jakub Unucka, Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region for Transport and Smart Region

Mr. Unucka is very known and awarded Czech promotor of Smart cit; we discus the future of the future of Industry 4.0, automation, the intersection of public services and private sector in new technologies application and the crucial role of employees in this process




Offiscila video French-czech Chambre:


the team of S&you – SYNERGIE