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Našli jsme pro Vás 12 aktuálních nabídek práce:

Finance Director – Indonesia

If you have a background in finance management within the banking/financial services sector - and would like to experience working in an emerging part of the world (ie. South East Asia) - then we have a great opportunity for you to join a project at the very start.

General Manager/Business Director – Indonesia

Do you have the desire to work in the emerging part of the world - that is SE Asia? is you have a background in banking/financial services with experience in retail/consumer lending segment highly desired - then we have a role for you to lead a team responsible to build a new Fin Inst from the ground up. The location is Indonesia.

Nurse for Humanitarian Organization

Have you ever thought of doing a challenging job abroad? Do you have an experience in nursing? Would you like to use your professional skills to improve somebody’s life? Are you willing work in a developing country? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, read further!