We have launched new websites of SYNERGIE

After more than half a year of work, we are proud to announce that we have launched a new Synergie web presentation at www.synergie-recruitment.cz

The new websites will show you our work more easily and thoroughly, they will introduce our complete team both in the Prague and Brno offices, they will provide the visitors with tips and advices for their dream career, explain terms, and describe in more details the services we offer. It comes with new pictures, reworked texts; Claim Synergie, which becomes an integral part of the Czech Synergie, is also worth noticing.

Our motivation for a complete redesign of the webpages was especially the optimization of displaying the websites on mobile devices and easier orientation of the users on the websites. Simply said, we want to follow the trends, so the original websites required some attention.

A big new feature, and an integral part of the web, is the blog (for now available only in Czech language), to which our professional consultants, headhunters, and marketers will regularly contribute – variety of professionals that will ensure valuable and interesting content.

The following weeks will be dedicated to the continuous checking of the web, its texts and verification of links. Any eventual mistakes or imperfections, which may appear on the websites despite the checks performed, can be reported at the synergie@syn.cz email address.

More eyes see more, and we will appreciate any comments. May our new websites appeal to you, may they be May you like our new websites, may they be accompanied by stability, and may they serve to the benefit of the visitors!

Autor: Lenka Nejedlá, Marketing Specialist