Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for a job, but I don’t know where to start.

Are you looking for a job for the first time, or are you looking for a new challenge? The first step when looking for a job is to start with yourself and to think of what you expect from the new job, or why you are looking for a change.

Try to answer the following questions:

  • What am I good at?
  • What can I do?
  • What do I like?
  • What motivates me?
  • Do I know my strengths?
  • What should I, or what do I want to improve?
  • What priorities do I have?
  • What type of company would I like to work?

Make a research of the job market. You can find information about vacant positions on job portals or in the newspapers. Concentrate only on the positions, which would interest you, and where you meet the criteria required. Most likely you will respond not only to the companies’ offers, but also to the offers of recruitment agencies.

You should also consider things like:

  • working environment (open-space, separate offices, or home office),
  • dress code (formal or casual clothes),
  • corporate culture (smaller agency with a family atmosphere, or a large corporate),
  • mobility (are you willing to move or travel larger distances because of your job?),
  • time flexibility.

This preparation will facilitate the interview for you, and it will also help you to find the job where you will feel well, and be satisfied. At the same time, you will show your motivation, professionality, and purposefulness, which is something everyone will appreciate.

What is the difference between recruitment (personal) and intermediary agency?

These two terms are easily confused. The fundamental difference is who pays for their services.

Services of a recruitment agency are paid by the client, i.e. the company that is looking for new employees. The client enters a job position, and the recruitment agency is looking for a suitable candidate. The interviewed in the recruitment agency is free for the candidate. On the other hand, the recruitment agency is not obliged to find a job for the candidate, as it is in fact dependent on the positions entered by the client. Services of an intermediary agency are paid by the candidate.  The objective of such agency is to find a job that suits his requirements, such as the type of job or its location.

How does a correct CV structure look?

A correctly written CV should contain the following information:

  • personal data (first name, last name, date of birth, permanent address),
  • the highest level of education completed and any eventual follow-up studies,
  • work experience, listed in the chronological order, starting with the actual employment, up to the oldest one,
  • levels of language skills,
  • level of PC skills,
  • certificates or trainings.

Practical advices can be found in the Advices section.

Don’t forget:

  • the CV is your first introduction, a personal presentation, which helps you to find a new job,
  • in case you respond to more offers, adjust your CV according to the relevant position,
  • emphasize such work experience, which best correspond with the job you are applying for,
  • g. US companies will appreciate more detailed information about your job duties or successes,
  • on the contrary, German companies love clear arrangement and structured information,
  • in all cases, provide general information of your job duties for your work experience,
  • don’t be afraid to provide information on meeting the targets, which you accomplished in the given job position.

Is the motivation letter important?

Most of the people consider the motivation letter to be only a formality. The opposite appears to be true. Do not take the motivation letter lightly. By the motivational letter, you will tell why you are the right person whom the company should hire. A well-written motivation letter will wake-up the interest of the HR specialist in your person. We recommend you to check the Our Practical Advices and Motivation Letter Template section.

Why doesn’t your actual offer include the name of the client for whom you are filling the position?

One of our core values is confidentiality, provided for both the clients and the candidates. That’s why the job offers do not mention client names. In most cases, this information will be provided during a personal meeting. Then it depends on you whether you choose to participate in the selection process for a specific client.

Hat is the procedure after you send out my CV to the client?

  • within 3 business days, you will receive a feedback to your CV, or you will be invited for a personal interview with our consultant,
  • the personal interview in our office takes 30-90 minutes, and during it you will learn detailed information about the position and the client for whom we are filling the position. We will also agree on the next steps,
  • if you meet the requirements of the position profile and the client becomes interested in meeting you, we will arrange a meeting directly at the client. We guide you throughout the entire process, and we stay in touch with you,
  • we inform you about the result of the selection process, both in case of your success or refusal,
  • we will also provide you with a feedback from the interview,
  • in case SYNERGIE doesn’t have suitable open positions for you, which would suit your requirements or qualification, we will save your CV in our internal database,
  • subsequently, we will send you a form with your consent you’re your personal data processing, for you to sign and send it back to us. Only with your consent, we are allowed to use this data for the purpose of employment mediation. In the opposite case, we will no longer include you in our database as a candidate.

More information can be found in the How Does our Selection Process Work section.

What can I expect during the interview in your company?

Together we will concentrate on:

  • the data from your CV: education, work experience, and the reasons for leaving your last employment,
  • solving model situations in which you are experienced, or which you could encounter in your new job,
  • your ideas about future employment and the actual offer to which you responded,
  • your language or PC skills.

More information can be found in the How Does our Selection Process Work section, or in the Advices for your Search for a Job section.

How is the interview conducted?

After your arrival to our office we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire. This form will allow our consultant to work better with your materials and to provide a suitable offeror you. Filling the questionnaire will not take more than 10 minutes. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and to release any unnecessary stress. You can look forward to a cup of coffee, which our nice receptionist will offer to you. After filling the said questionnaire, a structured interview will take place with one of our great consultants. The questions we will ask will concern your work experience, language skills, personal characteristics, qualifications, and, of course, your ideas and desires regarding your future employment. SYNERGIE is here to help you to your success and to find the right job for you. There is a reason why our claim says: “Our work is your career”. What do we mean by that?

Relax, do not be stressed, be yourself. If the questions asked during the interview are not clear to you, ask about them again, take your time with your answers, and don’t rush.

How should I best prepare for the interview in order to succeed?

Read through the information about the job position you responded to. Can you name the reasons why you responded? At the same time think of your strengths, which correspond with the requirements in the advertisement of the given position Come in time; if you are late, call the consultant and reassure him you are on your way. Meetings with candidates are planned, sometimes to an exact time, and your delay may shorten the time necessary for your presentation because of the interview that the consultant has scheduled after yours. Dress according the professional standard of the type of job you are interested in, even thou you come “only” to the recruitment agency.

We recommend taking your CV with you, so you can use it as an aid to the questions asked about past your employment. Answer the questions honestly and don’t be afraid to admit if you have little or no experience with a certain thing; don’t lie. Prepare the questions you are interested in about the given position; that is something HR specialists can appreciate.

Remember the first impression is very important. The other person only needs a few seconds to make it about you. Don’t overestimate yourself; don’t attempt to transform the interview into the campaign for yourself. Wanting to immediately rule the Earth is not the right way. A bit of humility will do no harm; all you need to do is to be yourself and to refrain from any arrogant behaviour :-).

More information can be found in the Interview and Career Consultancy sections.

What if the position I responded to doesn’t suit me?

That can also happen. Don’t be afraid to tell us. You will so help us to find the right offer for you.