Our recruitment process

The most important thing for us is a great relationship with the candidate. We pride ourselves on the personal approach, not only professional, but also human. We try to shorten the length of the selection process to the minimum. At present it is usually 4 weeks, but everything depends not only on us but also on the processes, timing and decision of the client, which we have to respect.

  • What we do best?
    We have superior talent and treasure hunters who will definitely, use the best techniques to find you the job that can provide a bright future.
  • We have you, and then what?
    We will contact you immediately to discuss our possible cooperation, your expectations, possibilities and prospects of application presently on the market in given positions.
  • When will we get back to you?
    The moment position opens which is tailored for you, we ask you for a personal appointment.
  • At our initial meeting, have coffee with us and we'll begin our discussions:-)
    We will discuss your professional career, experience and achievements.Then we'll be ready to introduce you to all relevant open positions and career opportunities.