How to write a resume?

You should write down your skills, qualifications and experience the way that the potential employers would love to fight for you. A well prepared and written resume can highly increase your chances to be invited for an interview. Thus, we are bringing you the following tips that will undoubtedly help you to create a successful resume. We believe that the following tips will open you the door to your dream job.

Tips to applicants for junior position

  • Keep the information short in your resume, format shouldn’t exceed one A4 page. A good resume is brief and clear.
  • Professional photography is not a necessity, but if you include it in your resume, it should look professional.
  • When writing a time period, use format: month, year / from – to /.
  • Respect the basic structure of resume: personal information, information about your education, work experience/brigades, hobbies, skills…
  • Don´t forget to write your language skills. Try to be objective, don’t underestimate yourself but also don’t overestimate yourself. You can attach achieved certificates or tests which proves the level of your efficiency.
  • State such experiences that are relevant to the position you are currently applying.
  • Is your practice relevant to the certain position? If yes, state it.
  • Briefly describe a content of your previous work. Be aware that description of your work called “administrative work” is not relevant. You should be more specific.
  • State also other activities: for example writing a blog, articles, having a membership in student organizations, completions of certain courses or participation in extracurricular activities. Also add a link or portfolio of your work and don’t forget to add a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Tips to applicants for senior position

  • The key to write a good resume is to be brief.
  • Try to keep the order: personal information, work experience, education level.
  • Describe in more detail only the last tree working positions, additional information tell personally at upcoming interview.
  • State your previous positions from newest to oldest.
  • It is not necessary to name specific schools, simply write your achieved education.
  • Write the job descriptions in bullets.
  • State the most important successes in abbreviations. If you want to share your important projects, you can write them separately.
  • Don´t forget to always state the other activities such as writing blogs, professional publications and articles, completions of certain courses, or membership in professional associations.
  • Try to always keep your resume updated – it is very important to regularly update your resume.
  • The information from your resume should be the same as that written on your LinkedIn. Don´t forget to add its link there.