Types of interviews

Phone interview

Don’t be surprised by a phone call, which often becomes a kind of pre-interview, and is a first step to be invited for a personal meeting. Phone interviews save time and money, and very often comes unannounced.

Video interview/Skype

  • Like the phone interviews, video interviews save time and money. They are used very often if a candidate is abroad. Also, it is possible to prepare for this interview. Careful, the big role plays a first impression!
  • You should clean your table, check the settings of camera, and during the whole interview look directly into it. Although you are at home, dress formally. It is not appropriate to have an interview in your pajama.
  • Make sure that no one will disturb you: pets, children or roommates are indeed nice company, but…
  • Watch your verbal and nonverbal presentation. You can actually impress them or cause the total opposite. You should avoid an exaggerated servility or acting distantly. Also, avoid unnecessary movements of your hands, head and body