Supplemental Services

Assessment a development center - an evaluation of the strengths and improvements needed

Our job is to provide a clear idea of the existing staff and potential new candidates. Please contact us. We will always prepare customized solutions to all of your requirements.

We will provide:

  • Assessment / Development Center: establishes an appraisal of the strengths of individual employees and workers. The Centre creates Is better able to select a suitable candidate as well as assess the performance and quality of staff for continuing professional development.
  • The organization and training of Interview skills.
  • The creation of recruitment campaigns via all social networks.
  • The preparation of procedures and processes tailored to all your needs.

Interested in Testing and Assessment Service?

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Why to choose Synergie

At Synergie, we believe that decency, care, and service are an inseparable part of our work.
The DNA of our company is a team of consultants who are very familiar with Czech labour market, they have experience in the field and deep practice.