Professional care for employees leaving your company

Outplacement helps organizations to comprehensively manage a difficult situation associated with layoffs. In general, it concerns the care needed to be taken with outgoing workers. The aim of these activities is not only to minimize the negative impact of layoffs on workers and their mental stability, but also to maintain good relations with them, if at all possible. All departing employees will receive professional support needed to find a new position.

How do we proceed?

  • We deal with the current situation of the client; analyzing the needs and expectations of their new work. It is necessary to keep the person motivated so that they are able to perceive the situation as a new opportunity.
  • We meet each worker in person and focus on their working past, successful projects, experience, knowledge and skills.
  • Our consultants will prepare detailed assessments of all new clients. They will show them how to improve their own presentation, what’s worth emphasizing and how to de-emphasize what is not. As a consultant, we also provide advice on how to write a resume and cover letter.
  • A part of this evaluation is also an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the client which will be used as the basis for a consultant to prepare the best strategy for finding a job
  • The program can also include psychological testing. This all depends on the agreement with the client.

This is our standard procedure; we can alter our work to the specific needs and requirements of the client.

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Why to choose Synergie

At Synergie, we believe that decency, care, and service are an inseparable part of our work.
The DNA of our company is a team of consultants who are very familiar with Czech labour market, they have experience in the field and deep practice.