Selection of the best candidate according to client’s requirements

Recruitment is the process of finding the best people to help you achieve the best results for the team. It requires that all personnel activity create a detailed job description of their occupation. We submit these in a rapid, efficient way. In short, we do not burden your business with unnecessary worries.

What is the selection process?

  • Very important is meeting to able to discuss with you in detail your needs and requirements for the newly opened position. We are able to then define the minimum qualification and determine the extent of salary conditions. Then we draw up a detailed evaluation report.
  • We take full responsibility for the selection process and its management.
  • We assemble customized a schedule selection process based on criteria for the position and the current state of the labor market.
  • While searching we use an extensive internal database, advertising on web portals, and activities on social networks.
  • We use our international network through the Global Sourcing Cross program, which gives us the ability to search for candidates in 15 countries.
  • The whole process will be handled by a single consultant who has experience with filling positions from your sector or a related one.
  • After the selected candidate has been identified, our work does not stop. We always strive to be in contact with him and also with you regularly to assure the satisfaction or dissatisfaction on both sides, Any communication problems will, hopefully, be solved immediately.

Interested in Recruitment service?

References from our clients

  • Synergie, s.r.o, through her representative and Technical Leader, Stephanie Nestaval, has provided an extremely fast and efficient service based on the accuracy of the candidates to the project requested. This proper list of candidates has been generated by a precise and at same time, extensive variety of different range of professional CV's, and a very integrated process, that allowed us to take the most suitable decision for our case.

    TREVES, Federico Dominguez, Operations Director Central-East Europe

    Federico DominguezTREVES, Operations Director Central-East Europe
  • ING Bank N.V. has been using the services of Synergie for over 10 years; over this time, their consultants have placed several successful candidates in many positions and various departments. We appreciate their thorough knowledge of the market and their hard work. What I personally appreciate on our cooperation is, that they are really able to understand our requirements, more than what is listed in the job description. All candidates are always well verified, and they always come perfectly prepared. I believe Synergie is able to create great customer experience for both interested parties, and therefore I can really recommend their services.

    Alena HaramulováSenior HR Consultant at ING Bank CZ
  • From our experience we can say that the company Synergie has a very professional approach for addressing the challenges in the field of recruitment. It is a reliable partner that focuses on delivering value-added services and always understands our expectations well. The main qualities of our partnership are clear: communication, flexibility and focus on quality.

    Ivana VrzúkováHR Business Partner, Allianz pojišťovna, a.s.
  • We have been cooperating with the Synergie recruitment agency for searching for new employees for our company for several years already. Most of our employees, which have been recommended to us by the recruitment agency, still work on their positions to mutual satisfaction. We appreciate especially the high quality and fast approach to our requests and mutual cooperation on excellent level.

    Erika PrachařováHR Partner, MOL Czech Republic, s.r.o.

Case study: Assembling the team of Actuarial Mathematics

When we successfully filled a managerial position of the team and another two leadership positions in departments risk and business analysis, we started to work for this company exclusively and became their long-term partners.

The manager, that we have recommended based on her excellent references and outstanding results from our evaluation system, came to us and asked to help her to fulfill her own team. She appreciated our professional approach, mutual trust and experiences with negotiation that she also required from her coworkers afterwards. Even at this case we didn´t disappoint.

Moreover, we got excellent references from an internal HR department of the company for following tender of their parent company.

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Why to choose Synergie

At Synergie, we believe that decency, care, and service are an inseparable part of our work.
The DNA of our company is a team of consultants who are very familiar with Czech labour market, they have experience in the field and deep practice.