Testing and Assessment

Interview skills training

Recruitment is not just simple examination and analysis supplied by the CV and cover letter. Before someone is accepted, you need to be absolutely sure about the accuracy of the selection of the candidate. That is where we use special applied tests to reveal the their strengths and weaknesses. We are able to offer you a comprehensive psychodiagnosis in cooperation with an external partner. The purpose of the test is to choose not “only” the best one, but especially the one who fits really the best to the given company and position. However, even the recent employees can be tested in order to optimize and increase effectivity of the team, or to find the best motivating direction of its individual members. Within a company, this concerns mapping personality and professional characteristics, which crucially affect working performance.

How do we proceed?

  • After a meeting where we discuss your needs, expectations and demands for output, we prepare self-tailored tests so that you are able to focus on exactly what your needs are.
  • We have 16 types of tests that target the team roles, personality traits, ability to handle the load, business profiles and more.
  • Testing takes place under our auspices so we are best able to prepare a report and assessment along with our recommendations.
  • After consultation with the client, we can of course present the results, even those who were present to the test.

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Why to choose Synergie

At Synergie, we believe that decency, care, and service are an inseparable part of our work.
The DNA of our company is a team of consultants who are very familiar with Czech labour market, they have experience in the field and deep practice.